Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Instant Love

I look back at photos from when my kids were little, and it seems like a lifetime ago.

My presence is just as necessary to my kids these days as it was when I was getting up in middle of the night. It is still emotionally and intellectually demanding to have these people in my life – children whose world has become so complex – children who have reached an age where their heartbreaks can no longer be repaired with a hug.

But I miss those days. The days of endlessly pushing a child on a swing. Of rereading One Fish Two Fish for the millionth time. Of tantrums and spilled milk.

Sometimes, I'd give anything to return to those days.

Maybe that's why we are given grandchildren.

As I hold this beautiful new baby, I am filled with such happiness and love. She turns my heart upside down and gives me so much joy that it brings a lump to my throat and makes my heart want to burst. And I could wish for nothing more at this moment in time.

Instant love.

It takes me back to the time when I held my own babies, looking into their eyes with wonder and awe.

Once again, I can live through the joy of watching a baby grow. I have been given a second chance to experience that first step…those first words…that first tooth - this time with more wisdom and experience.

I received the blessing of life and love and so much sunshine. And I'm so grateful.

Welcome, my sweet little granddaughter, to the world and to my heart.