Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Right Moment

We spend so much of our time waiting. Waiting on line, waiting for the bus, waiting for appointments. 

Waiting for the phone to ring. 

There's a purpose for the wait. We are meant to be exactly here, at exactly this moment. Waiting. Making the most of this moment, giving it meaning.

My daughter is engaged.

So many people are taking credit for making this happen. They davened, and arranged for forty women to take challah, and went to the Kosel for forty days, and visited the Zhviller Rebbe's kever on Monday and Thursday and Monday. I am grateful for all of it. I am grateful to everyone who thought of her and cared about her. Every tefillah helped. But, ultimately, it happened at the moment it was meant to happen. 

She could have been married a year ago, some people said. Maybe even two or three years ago. If the shadchan had been more aggressive...if his parents had considered it when it was first suggested...if things would have moved faster... But she couldn't have. It wasn't the right moment. The person you marry is bashert, but so is the moment. This is her moment.   

The wait was frustrating, sometimes. But while she waited, she lived fully. She grew, and matured, and blossomed. And I can say now that I am so grateful she didn't get married four or five years ago. I'm even grateful she didn't get married a year ago. She spent those years becoming the beautiful person she is today. She is ready now for this next stage in her life. 

At exactly the right moment.